Wedding DVD Testimonial

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Dear Dave
I am writing to you to thank you for the excellent service you provided during our wedding (10th April 2010).

It was the best day of our lives and you have done a brilliant job in capturing it expertly.

We had been looking forward to seeing the DVD so much when we returned from our honeymoon, and it didn't disappoint.

Both me and Alison have watched the DVD over and over again and so many of our friends and family have commented on the excellent quality of the film you have produced. It is, quite honestly, stunning. You donít seem to have missed a thing and yet the film is so well balanced and elegant! Exactly what we wanted.

More importantly, you managed to do this without being either intrusive or invasive throughout the entire day. This was a huge relief as you do see many wedding professionals etc being rather rude, abrupt and frankly unprofessional. This is always a worry during such an important event but I can say, without wanting to cause offence, I canít remember you being there at most points of the day. This is a compliment to you that you have managed to remain anonymous and yet provided a service of the highest quality.

Indeed, we have already recommended you to people following our wedding day and, even more impressive, is the fact that people have approached both me and Alison to ask for your details. This is, again, testament to your workmanship.

You may use any part of this letter, any video footage from our day, we would even happily verbally pass on how brilliant you are. Kindest regards,

Karl and Alison Jenkins (married April 10th 2010 Merewood Country House, Windermere)